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Offering the following services:

Estate Planning

With an estate plan, you ease the burden on family and control who gets what when you pass. You are also prepared in case you become incapacitated and you create certainty about your wishes for medical treatment in case you are sick or injured.


What to do after a loved one passes away can be confusing and complicated. Is there a will? Is probate necessary? What is probate? You may have these questions and more. We are ready to help you through the process of administering the estate.

A fresh approach to billing for legal services.

Most law firms bill hourly, which works for them because something unexpected could require lots of extra work. But it can leave you feeling uncertain about the cost of legal services. The traditional hourly fee can also lead to inefficiency because the more hours your case takes, the more money your lawyer can charge. We prefer flat fees because they promote efficiency and certainty.

Also enjoy regular status updates, a client portal, mobility, and easy billing.