Together, we'll determine whether your case is worth the time, money, and emotional cost of litigation.

Case Assessment

Determine whether you have a case worth the time, effort, and emotional cost associated with litigation.

Cost Estimate: $0-$500+*

Factors commonly affecting cost:

  • Complexity of circumstances under which injury occurred
  • Size and complexity of the party that caused the injury 
  • Amount of required research

 Claim & Litigation

Pursue legal action against the person or company that caused, contributed to, or exacerbated your injury.

Cost: 1/3 of recovery or settlement amount + expenses associated with litigation*

Factors commonly affecting cost:

  • Amount of recovery or settlement
  • Cost of and expenses associated with litigation


Defend against another's legal claim that you were the cause of their injury.

Cost Estimate: $10,000+*

Factors commonly affecting cost:

  • Size and complexity of the injured party
  • Whether litigation is underway and, if it is, the present state of litigation

*Actual cost may be higher or lower than estimated depending upon your specific circumstances and issues arising during representation.